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Dive in in the most realistic way. The closer we are to real scenarios, the bigger the felt immersion. Create the best sound with the best technology.


4.0 was yesterday - With immersive solutions transformation will not only move the digital sector. 
Sound creates our environment and that plays an immense role in all working fields.


Research & Development is a big topic within all industries and especially in the immersive fields. Production and reproduction of one of our senses - hearing - will be one of the main future topics.

Sport & Entertainment

Be wherever you want with future entertainment technology. With immersive sound you have the power to fill an empty arena and recreate the acoustical room reverb that takes the listener way more into the experience.

Culture & Music

Be part of the art!
With auralite3D you are able to experience a whole new level of concerts, live shows, sports games and events. 
Musical surroundings tell a story, now more than ever!


Being part of an imaginary environment creates new dimensions and realities. Smell the forest, feel the wind and taste the salty air through your ears - with auralite3D Worlds.

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