Frankenstein - the immersive tour through China

 ​Mailive & Li Xiang

The immersive tour in china


Official press text:
"The auralite3D object-based immersive audio engine plays a core role in the tour of stage play Frankenstein. In the Chinese version of this epic production is redesigned and equipped with most advanced sound reinforcement system. The sound designer, Li Xiang has been working closely with EZPro on music mixing, object localization and OSC programming. auralite3D system exhibit great flexibility in terms of meta data transition in different venues with different loudspeaker layouts, meanwhile provides premium, uncompromised audio quality. EZPro also provides EAW Anna and NTX 210L as FOH loudspeaker system, ezacoustics IMC series as surround loudspeaker system, Allen&Heath dLive mixing console and Powersoft power amplifiers.  The tour starts from Beijing Poly Theater, and will perform in National Center of Performing Arts, Shanghai Grand Theater and major venues in different cities."

Here you find more information on the piece.

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Behind the scenes

Complex productions work with a lot of different tools, hard- and software intertwined with each other. The technical staff as well as the whole team making productions like Frankenstein possible are evolving continuously, create and develop new content. Therefore we give them the immersive power that's needed for the best immersive sound experiences - auralite3D.

 ​Li Xiang

Immersive theatre - a new era

The stage is not just in front of the audience and with that the whole room contains the power of storytelling. With immersive storytelling the experience is enveloping and with auralite3D the created content becomes reality.


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