Immersive experiences with the Rhein-Neckar Löwen

How we took part in a multi-dimensional experience. 

A full stadium, blasting crowds and excitement in the air: 

This is exactly what it feels like when the Rhein-Neckar Löwen stand on the court. 

Working with the Löwen we tried to soak up this atmosphere with 3D sound and virtual reality experience. 

The result: A trailer that realistic it brings you directly into a fully crowded stadium without actually being there. With auralite3D´s binaural headphone sound and virtual reality we gave an amazing and unique press conference that blew the participants away. 

We showed what audio and VR are capable of and created a new virtual dimension. From developing a concept over advising our partners to the final realisation we are proud that our finished trailer brings you close to the players, the SAP Arena and directly into the crowd.

The concept

We wanted to create a unique press conference that no one has ever experienced before. Our goal was to present the perfect balance between virtual reality and the real world.
We wanted to bring people close to a Rhein-Neckar Löwen game and experience it without being there in real life. 

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The production

To realize our ideas we visited a game of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen and recorded nearly every sound during the game. We also filmed lots of sequences before and after the game so we could give as may impressions of the game as possible. 
Then we cerated a virtual reality film and 3D audio for the final presentation at a press conference. 

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The result

During the press conference we provided 20 VR glasses for the participants as well as headphones. The audience watched the trailer we created and listened to 3D sound at the same time. The trailer showed a fully crowded stadium while the headphones and speakers played the matching sound. 
The participants then were requested to take off the glasses but the sound of the crowd was still playing. The result: seeing an empty arena but hearing thousands of people cheering and screaming. Everyone was amazed and completely shocked by what VR and 3D sound can create. 

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The main event

Pictures: BK-Productions

More impressions:

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