Pictures: Pierre Degardin

auralite3D meets Match Me

This year we presented auralite3D at the networking event “Match Me” powered by “Medien NRW”. The motto was “Audio meets Media” which fits auralite3D and its technology perfectly. We got the chance to be the main act during the event, as auralite3D was stationed in the center of the event location. This way we were able to present 3D Audio in the best way possible and provided an amazing, unique and immersive hearing experience for the audience.     

What did we present at the Match Me event?

To show as much of auralite3D as possible, we tried to provide the listeners a diverse and exciting experience.


By playing multiple atmospheres we let the audience wander from jungles to beaches and to complete new worlds. We created different audio sceneries for our listeners. 


Diving into your favourite music with 3D audio can almost be as exciting as being at a live concert. This is why we presented songs and music pieces to our listeners. This way they could really imagine how 3D audio changes your hearing experience. 

Student projects

Being one of few experts on 3D audio we like to give workshops for people interested in learning about immersive hearing. This is why we partnered up with the SAE institute and help students create their own projects. 
One of our students who has been working on 3d audio projects presented his work on the MatchMe event and got the chance to explain what his art is all about. 

Match Me is an event for people working in the media industry. The main goal of the event is for the participants to connect and to learn about new products, projects and ideas regarding everything connected to the media field.
 Match Me is categorized into six fields: Games, Webvideo, Online Audio, XR, Startups and Mobile.
We were very happy to contribute to this amazing event and to present our 3D audio system auralite3D.